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Development of Plug-In Autos Technology continues to increase and automakers are investing larger percentages of their research and development as well.

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Plug-in Auto : Paving the way towards Oil Independence
Prices of gasoline continue to go up thanks to the ever increasing prices of oil in the global market making everyone, even car owners, consider the increasing financial burden of having a car. This inevitable chain of events lead car manufactures to the only feasible innovation: create cars that are not powered by gasoline, but by electricity. This will cause the term refuel to be replaced by the term recharge. That is right, the plug-in autos are born.

Plug-in Auto technology is on the rise as more and more car manufacturers from all over the globe invest large amount of resources for its research and development. Early results yielded working models. But they do not appeal much to consumers because of the sizes of the plug-in auto that were made. Batteries where bulky leading to designs where most of the car’s body is used as battery containers or slots. These made the car’s visible features unattractive to car buyers making them reconsider traditional gasoline powered ones. Eventually, car manufactures are forced to create gasoline efficient cars because of dismal sales of the plug in autos.

But this did not stop the development of electric cars. To salvage the design for this type of cars, car manufacturers developed hybrid plug-in. This plug-in hybrid car combines an internal combustion engine which runs on gasoline and an electric propulsion engine that runs on electricity plus the ability to recharge the batteries by plugging to any electric power source like the normal sockets found in building walls. This amazing innovation created a plug-in auto with a physical design of traditional gasoline powered cars. And it immediately became a hit. Sales of hybrid models went up recently thanks to increasing oil prices and government support.

Plug-ins are set to sell more in the next 5-6 years base on Pike Research as more of this cars are demanded by consumers. Add the latest development on the body designs of plug in hybrids are getting better and better. Tesla Motors, the American electric vehicles manufacturer, had just released the Tesla Roadster, the first all-electric and highway capable car in the United States of America and the first lithium-ion battery using car in production. Innovations such as this one promises greater things in the near future as more all-electric powered automobiles become not just fuel efficient but more physically attractive to any car buyer.

This is testament to the future of plug-in autos. Current economic trend and environment consciousness is pushing car makers to be more creative and innovative in their approach in making cars. The plug-in autos are certainly not the end of the automobile evolution, but will surely prove that it will have staying power in the automobile market. The age of gasoline hogging vehicles maybe in its last years as more people will prefer the more economical, environment friendly and, now, sexier hybrids and pure electric cars of today and in the future. Flying cars may be the ultimate fantasy ride but for now plug-in autos are taking its rightful place as king of the road.